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Gonul Yucal Personal Photo

About GY special collection

GY special collection LLC was founded in September 2021 by Gonul Yucal, who was born and grew up in Istanbul and has been living in the US state of Texas since 2019.


With this think of Gonul, who prefers natural, comfortable, and sustainable products as unlike fast consumption, GY special collection has been created with products produced with traditional weaving techniques, which are few in number in her homeland.


The carefully prepared products of GY special collection are produced in small batches on weaving looms used by skilled artisans, unlike companies that make machine textiles.


Combined with reinforced stitching, these special products, made from quality cotton and linen, are crafted to retain their original shape for years to come.


Our aim is to transform our products, which are prepared with save to our world and you in mind, into quality, comfortable and timeless products and present them to you in the best way possible.


We are honored to present these eco-friendly products that we have prepared with passion, usable for many years, and as part of sustainable conscious consumption.

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